Why Join?

Professional Growth and Development

  • Virtual Education
  • In Person Technical Training
  • Continuing Education Credits


  • In Person Training
  • Relationship Building
  • Leadership Opportunities

Business Resources

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Business Partner Listing
  • Partner Programs
  • Utility Partnerships

    Membership Levels

    Silver Members – SCALT Silver Level members receive discounts and access to exclusive networking, mentorship and training opportunities. As legislative issues arrive that affect the heating and plumbing industry, SCALT works on your behalf to protect your business.

    Gold Members –
    SCALT Gold Level members receive all of the benefits of a Silver Level Membership and also includes a free virtual training registration (one per event), one free registration to SCALT’s Duct Fair, generous golf/conference registration discounts and referrals when prospect customers call in looking for a licensed contractor in their area.


Member Rates

Gold Contractor – $700

Silver Contractor – $400

Gold Distributor – $1000

Silver Distributor – $500

Business Partner – $400

Contractor Member

A contractor member is a licensed trades contractor in South Carolina.

Distributor Member

A company that sells services, products which do include any compressor-bearing units.

Business Partner

A company that provides products or services to tradesmen that do not include compressor bearing units

Education Member

Individuals that teach trades at public or private schools.