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There are numerous training opportunities coming this spring — some as early as next week.

USE your membership.

Mark your calendars!


SCDET TrainingOne spot left!   March 9 – 10th in Myrtle Beach, SC


March 20 in Florence, SC                               1 Hour Class  as part of Pee Dee Chapter meeting

Top 10 “cape trippers” for our HVAC Heroes taught by Joey Henderson


1.) Poor Duct Design: resulting in  excessive high static;  poor air distribution; low cfm and velocity; noisy variable speed motors; discharge air turbulence causing TXVs shutting down; drain line problems (due to excessive high return static); excessive duct heat gain/losses and capacity losses

2.) Low Voltage problems: intermittent low voltage fuse blowing; tstat troubleshooting; low voltage wiring.



Wrightsoft Training — BASIC Class   April 11 – 12 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Wrightsoft Training — ADVANCED Class     April 13 – 14 in Myrtle Beach, SC


1/2 Day Classes

Selling Healthy Air – Building Value Around Residential Air Quality and Delivering Retrofit Solutions that Perform

Greenville — April 5th
Midlands — April 19
Charleston — April 20

Course Description:

The focus of this 1/2-day training is to deliver tools/strategies that can be put to immediate use in generating additional revenue for your business. This training is designed for sales/tech/office staff that interface with the residential client. Attendees will learn about common air-quality problems, how to assess them within the home, how to design solutions to remedy the problems, and how to communicate with the client regarding the value of the remedy.

Topics will include: contaminant sources, air filtration, outdoor air ventilation, moisture control, duct leakage, spot ventilation, duct retrofits, and the equipment/controls that are typically sold to support the remedy. Emphasis will be placed on a “systems approach” to improving air quality through smart design decisions and quality products. Any products discussed will be addressed in generic terms and multiple examples of product brands will be used as much as possible.