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Senator Shealy to Attend SCAHACC’s Convention on Friday, Feb. 26

Senator Katrina Frye Shealy, a member of the South Carolina State Senate, has confirmed that she will be at the SCAHACC Convention on Friday, Feb. 26 as a part of a legislative panel discussion.  She is a Republican but was elected as a petition candidate from District 23 in Lexington County. She is one of two women currently serving in the South Carolina State Senate.

She is an insurance executive and the former chairwoman of the Lexington County Republican Party.

Many know her for her tenacity and strong convictions.  Her election history started  in 2008, when Shealy ran for the Republican Party’s State Senate District 23 nomination against long-time incumbent State Senator Jake Knotts.   Despite support from prominent Republicans including United States Senator Jim DeMint (at the time), Shealy was defeated. Shealy filed again as a candidate in the 2012 Republican primary. Her name was removed from the ballot after it was determined that she incorrectly filed her candidate paperwork. Shealy fought to have her name added to the general election ballot as a petition candidate and won the November 7, 2012 general election with 51% of the vote.

SCAHACC is fortunate to have Senator Shealy fighting on its behalf.

She serves on the Agricultural and Natural Resources committee, Corrections and Penology committee, Fish, Game and Forestry committee, General committee and the Judiciary committee.[4]

In 2015, Shealy was elected First Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Plan now to be a part of the SCAHACC 2016 Convention.  Check out more information about the convention under the events tab.  Call the association staff to help you register; 1-800-395-WARM(9276).