Get the Facts

How to report an unlicensed contractor:
Call, write or email the chief investigator:

Todd Bond (803) 896-4411,
Main Telephone Number:
(803) 896-4470
Fax: (803) 896-4656 or (803)896-7680
Address: PO Box 11329, Columbia SC 29211-1329


Telephone: (800) 395-9276
Fax: (803) 252-7799

Report the person to your local building codes office. Local staff can often reach the job site before the unlicensed person has left. These officials are also required by law to let LLR know. It is a great way to move the process along more quickly.

The more information you can provide, the more quickly LLR staff can investigate and open a file. Before contacting LLR or SCAHACC, make sure you have the following information:

  • Name of person (if known).
  • Location of incident – include as much information as possible, such as street address and city or town.
  • Date and time of incident.
  • If a truck with a logo is on site, include the phone number, etc. or any other identifying information that appears on the truck. Include a license plate number if available.
  • If it is an ad on Craigslist or a business card, make a copy of the document and include it with the report.
  • If you see a roadside sign, write down the phone number and name.
  • Pictures snapped with a camera phone would also be helpful.

Check out the SCAHACC web page for updates on other projects and actions the association will work on in the coming months to address the issue of unlicensed individuals performing HVAC services.