Epting Distributors

Position: Jay Epting
Phone: 803-356-9899
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In 1964 Bill Epting started Epting Distributors as a small family-operated business serving heating and air conditioning contractors in the Columbia, SC area.

He believed in the strength of personal relationships that come from doing business face-to-face. He knew that personally bringing an emergency part when his driver was making deliveries meant more to his customers than the part itself.

He believed Epting Distributors would only be successful if his customers were successful. He made it his mission to provide products, services and support that would enable each customer to succeed in his business.

Three generations later, Epting Distributors still runs as if Mr. Epp were calling the shots.

Old fashioned? Maybe. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through the years, the Epting family has grown to include 15 branch offices and 250 HVAC dealers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Because we understand our success depends on your success, in addition to Tempstar residential HVAC equipment, we offer commercial and specialty products, as well as innovative marketing and training services.