Live Virtual Training

Training Opportunities

SCALT provides live virtual training opportunities for your team members. We recognize the challenge it is to leave the office for a day of training. These live virtual training provide you an opportunity to train your team in the comfort of your office. We hold the trainings during the lunch hour and encourage members to provide the training to multiple team members during lunch. The videos are also available for purchase after the live meeting. When possible our virtual training can offer continuing education for NATE and BPI certifications.

$25 for members (Gold members use promo code to receive webinar for free)

$50 non- members

September 20 – Fall Duct Fair

September 20 – Fall Duct Fair

  Join us at Midland's Technical College September 20th for SCALT's Fall Duct Fair! We were left with standing room only this past Spring, with the growth in attendance we have invested even more resources into bringing you the best speakers, information, and...

May 7 – Henderson – Drain Line Problems Solved

Title: Condensate Drainline Problems Solved Join our specialized webinar, "Condensate Drain Line Problems Solved," where we tackle the critical aspects of preventing humidity issues, combating mold growth within HVAC systems, and averting costly ceiling damage from...

September 12 – Henderson – Gas Furnaces

Title: Gas Furnaces Explore the world of "Gas Furnaces" in our comprehensive webinar tailored for technicians. Gain insights into proper installation practices, delve into the sequence of operation, and master the diagnosis of common issues, armed with effective...

September 26 – Henderson – Heat Pumps

Title: Heat Pumps Time: September 26th, 8 AM Instructor: Joey Henderson Cost: $25 members Non-Members: $50 Gold Members can attend for free using their promo code! Register Today!

October 10 – Henderson – Airflow Diagnostics for Heating

Title: Airflow Diagnostics for Heating Join our webinar, "Airflow Diagnostics for Heating," designed for technicians seeking expertise in gas furnace and heat pump airflow management. Explore common issues that affect air flow during the heat mode and learn effective...