Keynote Speaker, Weldon Long

The Power of Consistency is based on Weldon Long’s New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency – Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals. This is the exact program Mr. Long used to create a mindset which helped him transcend 25 years of poverty and hopelessness and create a life of wealth and prosperity.

Cyndi Grosso – Creating The Excellent Customer Experience

Do you know the number one reason your customers leave you? Did you know that etiquette is now considered one of the tops skills to implement for excellent customer service? This program looks at customer care through the total experience of the customer. Every interaction your team has with a customer is a form of customer service and will either enhance or diminish their relationship with you. This presentation teaches the basic rules of etiquette, business greetings/introductions, proper daily office procedure, telephone etiquette, challenging situations as well as personal presentation skills. How you handle your customer is of great importance to your company. Remember customer service is an attitude not a department!

Joey Henderson – Differences Between the Three Most Popular Residential Motors

Technical Session for HVAC – This session will provide an understanding of the differences between the three most popular residential blower motors. PSC, ECM constant torque, and ECM constant airflow (true variable speed).  Understand how each one uniquely operates under a different airflow situation and how to troubleshoot them.

Succession Planning Panel Discussion

Thinking about selling? Trying to plan for your future?  Hear from a few of our own members on how they have recently transitioned their business either by selling to an outside company, family member, or implementing a succession plan.

Viega – Mega/Pro Press

Technical Session for Plumbers – Receive an overview of Viega press products for natural gas, and chilled water applications for copper and steel pipe installs.

RoundTable Discussions

Invite your team to this year’s event and allow them to meet with their peers in a round table discussion. This roundtable discussion is hoped to be an opportunity for you and your employees to make connections that will last throughout the year. A private facebook group will be set up for this group after the event to provide continued opportunities to connect. Topics will include:


HVAC Technicians

Plumbing Technicians