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"Boomers, Exers & Millennials in the Workplace, Oh My!"

WEDNESDAY, March 18, 2020

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

As Boomers work longer and more millennials enter the workforce, a company is often a mixture of employees with different perspectives and values.  This session will define who the different generations are and what has influenced each.  The focus will be on what motivates each generation and how to work with and accommodate these differing perspectives and values.

Presented by Vicki LaPlant, Service Nation 

Vicki La Plant, Business Coach

Vicki La Plant has 40 years of hvac industry experience working with all sizes of contractors and learning the best practices, systems and ideas from the very best.  After graduating from Dallas Baptist College, Vicki taught high school English for 4 years.  Then she joined Lennox Industries where she worked for over 15 years, serving as Vice-President of Dealer Development and Marketing.  

Vicki became a member of the HVAC Hall of Fame sponsored by Contracting Business in 2017. She received the Tom McCart Consultant of the year award in 2013.  And is a recipient of the distinguished Servant Leader award from Service Roundtable.  After 20 years of owning a consulting and training company specifically focused on the contracting industry, Vicki joined Service Roundtable in 2016 as a business coach and trainer.  The ideas and tools from her training seminars are practical and easily applied in the real world of contracting. 

Thank you to Service Nation for making this complimentary webinar available to our members as one of your many benefits of membership.

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