Pricing for Plumbing Projects & Setting Labor Rates for Plumbing


Do you sometimes feel you just don't have a clear understanding between mark-up and margins and the impact on your business in how you use them?  This webinar will discuss the difference between mark-up and margin and how to determine a labor rate based on company costs and productivity factors.  A simple template for pricing plumbing projects will also be reviewed and made available after the webinar.

Webinar provided and presented by our partner, Service Roundtable.  As a member of SCALT, you receive a complimentary Associate Membership in Service Roundtable.  You may take advantage of over 1000 free marketing materials specifically for plumbers and rebates. 

Three Month Trial Membership in SCALT Offer to First Time HVAC Contractors or Plumbers. 

Contact Jackie Adamson for information.