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SCAHACC in conjunction with Santee Cooper is offering 2 Days of Basic Wrightsoft and 2 Days of Advanced

Several have asked for more information on what the Advanced Class will cover.  Please see the description provided below.

The advanced classes are supposed to be heavily based on Q and A.  We have a PDF plan to provide a framework and will go through the entire load process, but the class itself will involve exploring the “sidestreets” if you will. Depending on the group it will end early and allow time to cover commercial (it takes less than an hour) or not.  I can pace it to guarantee that schedule but it makes the presentation more merciless when it comes to folks who might not be as “advanced” as they think (or more often their boss thinks they should be).  If I can stay in the room late I can volunteer to stay late if necessary if commercial is a high priority but you don’t want to sacrifice the time that MAY be needed for remediation.

Day 1: Loads

-No setup

-Straight to using pdf to trace plan

-Odd intersecting angles

-Walk outs

-Open areas


-Blower Door


-Manual S

Day 2: Ducts

-Equipment and static

-Pressure loss





-Revisiting static and friction

-Making the Drawing “installer-ready”



Let us know if you’d like for us to register you or someone from your company.  Call 1-800-395-WARM(9276) or you can register online in our training section of this website.