2021 Business Webinars

April 14, 2021

Top Legal Issues Facing Small Business – How to Protect Yourself

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sponsored by Law Office of Gem McDowell, P.A.

Your intent is to run your business in compliance with all laws and regulations.  However, you “don’t know what you don’t know”.  What type of pitfalls can innocently happen because, “I didn’t know”?

If I am short on cash, is it ok for my business to pay my mortgage just this one time?  Does the s in SubChapter -S Corporation stand for “small” business?  Any reason for me not to pay my subcontractors with an IRS Form 1099?

These and many more topics will be discussed and presented by Gem McDowell, Law Office of Gem McDowell, P.A. of Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Gem founded The Gem McDowell Law Group in 2010 and practices in the areas of Corporate Law, Business Acquisitions, and Estate Planning.  Prior to opening his own firm, he practiced Tax Law and Business Law at large multi-state firms and acted as general counsel for a large multi-state developer.

Gem received his Bachelor of Arts from Wofford College, Juris Doctor from University of South Carolina and a Master’s in Laws in Taxation from Emory University.

Amazing Service Starts Inside

November 3, 2021 – 12:15 – 1:15 EST

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How your CSR’s and Dispatchers interact with your customer sets the tone for the total experience the customer will have with your company.  This webinar will focus on the communication aspect of the interaction.

The communication process will be divided into the words spoken, the tone of voice used, and even body language.  (Yes, body language matters even over the phone).  Suggestions will also be made about how to answer price quotations over the phone.

Presented by Vicki LaPlant – Service Nation – A SCALT Business Partner

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Learn How To Communicate on Email and Telephone

Learn how to communicate through the Telephone and Email with prospects and clients that will let them know you KARE about them!

Keep Current Customers
Attain New Customers
Recapture Former Customers
Expand Business with Current Customers

Here are a few landmines with both telephone and email correspondence

What not to say on the Telephone:

  • “I don’t know.”
  • “I can’t do that.”
  • “You have to ….”
  • “Just a second.”
  • “No.”

Issues people have with Email:

  • Slow Response
  • Poor grammar and unfamiliar acronyms
  • Being copied on every email
  • Too many attachments
  • Lengthy Emails