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2 out of 3 Legislative Priorities MOVE FORWARD this past week

This past week was not only the week of the SCAHACC Legislative Breakfast with more than 50 association members and more than 50 legislators in attendance (plus 100 legislative staff members) but was a busy week as our lobbying team met with Senator Shane Martin, Senator Kevin Bryant, and Senator Creighton Coleman regarding H. 3874 (Geothermal Income Tax Credits). The bill was amended on the Senate floor with our original residential tax credit language restored.  This is one of SCAHACC’s three legislative priorities.

Our lobbyist Robert Adams also met with Rep. Eric Bedingfield regarding H. 4138.  We are hoping to get this bill into subcommittee very soon.

Thanks to the interacton from Legislative Committee Chairman Randy Pardee and the work of our lobbyist, Senator Katrina Shealy introduced S. 1040 (Display of License), a companion bill to H. 4138. It was referred to the Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry.  Senator Shealy has also confirmed that she’ll be join a legislative panel discussion at this year’s annual convention and trade show (on Friday, Feb. 26).

Lastly  but not least by any means, S. 280 (General and Mechanical Contractors License Requirements) was amended and favorably reported out of committee.  This is also one of the three priorities for this year for SCAHACC.

Stay tuned for contact from staff on how you can play a role in promoting the industry by being involved in legislative efforts.