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Legislative Update

Safe To Work Act

Federal delegation asked to support the Safe To Work Act by SC Business Community.

Legislation provides targeted and temporary liability relief to protect businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions against unfair and costly COVID-19 related lawsuits.

Update on Business License Fee Legislation

The Business License Fee Legislation is currently residing in the Senate Finance Committee. It will need to be passed out of the committee to be voted on by the full Senate.  The legislation has already been passed in the house.  It has met the criteria to be taken up when the legislature returns September 15-24.
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Business Webinars

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Sponsored by our partner – Service Roundtable

Webinars are held 12:00 – 12:45 pm.  

9.16    How to Maximize Marketing in the HVAC and Plumbing World  
Sponsored by Associate Member Effective Media Solutions
Sponsored by our partner – Service Roundtable:
10.21  Industry KPI’s – What Are They & How to Achieve Them?       
11.18   The Power of Positive Pricing       
12.16   Maximizing Your Mobile Billboard   
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