Federated Insurance

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Our roots will tell you where we come from, but more importantly, where we are going and what we value.

In 1904, a group of farmers and business owners in and around Owatonna, Minnesota, pooled their resources, seeking better value for their premium dollar. In the following decades of consistent growth, we expanded to provide property coverage for equipment dealers, auto dealers, petroleum marketers, and contractors throughout the Midwest.

By mid-century, we became among the nation’s first multiline insurance companies with our expansion into liability coverage. We continued growing, stepping into life insurance; workers compensation coverage; group health insurance (which we no longer offer); and estate planning services (through an independent network of attorneys).

By the end of the 20th century, we were among the largest mutual insurance companies in the nation. We continue to strengthen ourselves, and the businesses we insure, with an ever-growing library of risk management tools and state, regional, and national association partnerships.

Our home office remains in Owatonna, a small city nestled in the prairie of southern Minnesota, but we serve our customers in 49 states and the District of Columbia, with a regional office in Phoenix, Arizona, and service centers throughout the country.

As a company that sprang from a gathering of business owners, we understand the risks and challenges you face. When you step behind our shield, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and protection we have cultivated over more than a century.